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Glee/Dalton Facebook RP NEEDS CHARACTERS

taken reserved open
Adam Clavell
Artie Abrams
Alicia Thornton
Amanda Seigerson
Bailey Tipton
Becky Jackson
Blaine Anderson
Brittany Pierce
Burt Hummel
Cameron Pike
Chaz Amos
Clark Sawyer
Casey Lambert
Corey Pearson
Danny Abbot
Dave Karofsky
David Sullivan
Derek Seigerson
Drew Mapleton
Dwight Houston
Ethan Brightman
Evan Brightman
Finn Hudson
Han Westwood
Hope Clayton
Isabel Montero
Jacob Ben Israel
Jesse St James
Joshua Tipton
Julian Larson
Justin Bancroft
Katherine Rivers
Kurt Hummel
Laura Bancroft
Lauren Zizes
Logan Wright
Lucy Westwood
Marcie Lilian
Matt Rutherford
Michael Collins
Mika Kogo
Mercedes Jones
Merril Portman
Micah Randall
Mike Chang
Noah Puckerman
Nadia Cohen
Natasha Saunders
Nathan Miller
Patrick Wilson 
Quinn Fabray
Rachel Berry
Reed Van Kamp
Raven Woods
Sara Tomlin
Sinclair Langdon
Spencer Willis
Sunshine Corazon
Sydnee Willis
Santana Lopez
Sam Evans 
Saturo Kogo
Sebastian Smythe
Shane Anderson
Tina Cohen-Chang
Tabitha Adams
Wes Huges
Any other teacher or parents
And OCs as long as you have the consent of the mods.

If you’re interested in participating please leave us an ask in the askbox and someone will talk to you as soon as we can!! :)
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